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Meet Our Md. Champion, Zannah


Zannah’s parents were alarmed when she fell limp in her father’s arms at 2 weeks old. With a prenatal heart defect and a hypoplastic right heart, they knew the odds of good health were against her. She was taken to the hospital in cardiac arrest and diagnosed with a rare bacterial infection. Zannah was placed on a life-support machine that took over the function of her lungs and heart. She was given 24 to 48 hours to live.

Miraculously, Zannah survived, and that hospital visit marked the first of several, including two open-heart surgeries to repair her heart defects. Caretakers recommended Zannah’s parents be tested to ensure that heart conditions weren’t a family matter. As a result of the screenings, Zannah’s mother discovered she had hypoplastic left heart syndrome.

Zannah is now a healthy little girl who loves to sing and dance, as well as laugh with her jokester father.

How donations helped Zannah at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center:  

When Zannah went into cardiac arrest following the diagnosis of several heart conditions and the contraction of a rare bacterial infection, she was placed on a special machine that ultimately saved her life. Donations help fund this type of life-saving equipment at Zannah’s member CMN Hospital.