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Maryland Rx Card supports Johns Hopkins Children's Center

Alexis LeMarie (Regional Manager for Maryland Rx Card) shares a few words about her tour at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center…

I presented Cynthia Palacz and Amy Osborn (CMN) with a thorough briefing of United Networks of America (UNA), Maryland Rx Card and what we see for our future with Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. During the visit, myself along with some of the Maryland Rx Card team were able to present a check to Johns Hopkins Children’s Center.

Following our meeting, Cynthia Palacz took Gene Ransom (CEO – The Maryland State Medical Society), Chris Woodrum (Maryland Rx Card Rep) and myself on a tour to show us where our contributions go. A few examples would be the small library, the play rooms and the Child Life Program. What an eye-opening and life-changing experience this was. If the opportunity presents itself, I HIGHLY recommend regional managers and state representatives to take the tour. It will give you a whole new passion for this job and a new perspective on life.


Thank you Alexis and the Maryland RX Card for your continued support of Johns Hopkins Children’s Center!